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tv   [untitled]    September 18, 2012 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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free brokers clothing video for your media projects and free video down to r.t. dot com. now a five thirty pm here in moscow this is r.t. these so you had lines for this hour militants take the forefront of islamic protests sweeping the world killing ten more foreigners enough gonna stand as a revenge for a u.s. made film mocking islam. and the film fury sweeps further afield with emotional protests now erupting in thailand and india it's exactly a week after anti american started sweeping through the muslim community. also the
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territorial rile between tokyo and beijing escalates the chinese patrol ship briefly enter waters around disputed islands which japan considers its own. the us and britain lead at the largest ever naval exercises off the iranian coast while israel steps up its tough talk on terror. by now i'll get off speaks to the grand mufti of syria about the western role in supporting the rebels in the syrian conflict that's next in spotlight in just a sec. he gave. you to meet.
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hello again to walk into a spotlight leave and so you shall all right so i'm all in all and today find a guest on the program is the grand mufti of syria while the syrian rebels and the government forces keep shooting at each other many parties to try to find a way to settle the crisis down there are different opinions about bashar assad and the arab regime some say they must step down others argue he's the only one who could restore order in the country here's their religious point of view my guest on the show today is model they. don't move to sit with.
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syria's grand mufti up in madrid would you assume says his mission is to stop the bloodshed in the country the move he says western interference in the civil war only increases the bottom it's he believes peace is possible steps toward it should be mutual doctor has stayed firm in his beliefs even when he's twenty two year old son was shot dead on the street he publicly forgave the murderous. for the sake of a peaceful future for syria as a respected islamic leader dr who soon rejects the concept of the holy war he says violence could not be justified by any religion in one of his speeches dr the. war is holy. hello and thank you very much for being with us today thank you for coming to this
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studio well first of all i want to start with the latest news footage we're receiving from your part of the world every day and every hour most of the world television television stations carry those those pictures that we're getting well this is their reaction i know that many of those people haven't even seen the footage they haven't even seen the film the american film that that that this reaction to have you seen the footage have you seen the film what can you say about it is it worth it what's going. on. thank you very much for having me here on r.t. i'm very glad to be here in moscow and to take part in spotlight. the inflammatory material offending the prophet mohammed peace be upon him this is not the first time in fact this is the third time this is offensive material targeting our prophet has been released in europe in reality productions so he had film footage
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or other defend our prophet mohammed christ nor does it offend the prophet abraham and to him there are other degrade the producers and the authors of such materials . the west is doing now is aimed at fueling chaos instability and violence in the arab and islamic world because the media focus on such materials to circulate them among the people in order to provoke them then mark back. at the danish caricatures mocking the prophet mohammed peace be upon him i have heard about the six months prior to the beginning of the unrest in the arab and islamic world really set out what we spoke to the caricatures and invited him to visit syria so that we could show him the real image of jesus christ and the prophet muhammad peace be upon him a shattered it's not the caricatures that were the problem the moral standards in the edit they reflected that six months later the media especially al-jazeera and
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al-arabiya studies inciting people over these images. and what's happening now in the arab and islamic world is really fueled by media coverage then by the film itself. this is because most protesters know nothing about the film and haven't even seen any of it if you remember long ago very themis arab movie director named mr for other cuts the list is feel about the life of the prophet muhammad be upon him. all the same this movie was subsequently banned from most arab countries that mob out with this is all the result of provocative media coverage. chaos and disorder and this time the media have succeeded in educating people into taking embassies and killing diplomats the aim behind all of this is to destabilize the arab and islamic world in to force people to fight among themselves as well as said themselves for
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a confrontation with the west i think there are western institutions and organizations behind these provocations that their aim is to spark popular outrage and focus on their interests without ever mentioning the prime reasons behind this outrage you know in christianity when somebody is trying to insult god or jesus christ yes we say that jesus christ he's an insult to bill it's impossible to insult him well because he's gay. but is it just same with prophet muhammad i mean is it possible to insult him to can he loses face i think this is impossible so does he need this protection and like i said in the beginning the prophet mohammed cannot be insulted by a caricatured or a film this is also true of jesus christ be upon him the arab and islamic communities have been educated by mass media not by the film itself because most people haven't seen the film. and western and american media incite people. to act
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against something they haven't even seen the end goal is to destabilize the arab world and submerge it into a state of permanent chaos and disorder this shows that there is a political game behind all of this aimed at saving certain interests of the west as part of their colonialist intentions with the west is still losing its hegemony and is done and and we no longer live in a uniform the world controlled by the formidable american power is once again an increasingly bipolar world as we see russia gradually regain its position in the world as a global power second only to the united states and what the west aims to instigate chaos and disorder across the arab and islamic world and then spread its further on to russia very well russia is surrounded by islamic countries and these countries will revolt tomorrow because of media scandals here we would like to tell them once again that our prophet cannot be insulted by a film and the muslims response to such an offense should not be taking embassies
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buildings in killing people rather looking for dialogue should invite the authors and the producers of this film to this question but like i said military political institutions and organizations that work is interested in inciting chaos and disorder in the arab and islamic world you know to distort the image of muslims by making them look like rampant killers i have read one of your quotations when you say and i quote what is happening in syria. now was masterminded ten years ago so. when people say that what's going in the middle east today it's not really the reaction but it's rather just it shows that the arab world is generally and time america is that what you mean. not exactly what's happening in syria right now who started in iraq ten years ago when the occupied iraq the u.s.
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secretary of state visited syria and urged bashar al assad to rupture relations with russia and iran but president assad did not yield to their demands for this reason they started planning an attack against syria seen years ago you know they have taken advantage of the so-called arab spring which has ignited across tunisia egypt libya sudan and i don't even know who will be next probably it will affect saudi arabia and united arab emirates next year because we see something of a snowball effect here in syria is a special case for it is the most diverse ethnic country. and christians have lived side by side. to playing this card the issue to destabilize syria as everybody knows what they did in lebanon twenty or thirty years ago the intended to split the country into small states syria intervened forces into lebanon prevented this from happening so now they're trying to get their vengeance
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syria reasons preventing the division of lebanon into denying them cooperation over iraq they're trying to turn syria into a listen for other arab nations showing them that anyone who dares oppose the west should be destroyed by all means. when i hear american comments and. bytes of western radio station television companies. i see that people in the west are amazed by what's going on in the middle east today because when the arab spring started and when the west and the united states trying to help promote democracy democracy in the middle east they thought that the arabs must be thankful to washington for what they did for them. and now they see that they made a mistake instead of thank you people are burning american diplomatic cars so so are arabs such i'm thankful people what's for the americans made
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a mistake. america calls itself a democracy that was invited to visit america a month ago for a meeting with a few opposition members and with some members of the us congress. i was eventually denied entry in the united states. i mean why would a democratic country entry to a single person. to meet with syrians including both opposition activists and government supporters. why did they prevent me from meeting with americans so that i could ask them what exactly they want from syria kind of democracy is it if they ban me from using america to express myself they have denied me freedom of speech but at the same time the see themselves in titles to intervene on their fears of other nations and themselves the right to meddle in our domestic politics in our leaders every time barack obama delivers
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a speech he says it's time for us to resign but let me ask you who was it that elected bashar assad as president obama or the syrian people. the people of syria. and they're the only ones intitled to replace him. with the west he's used to toppling foreign leaders let's remember. and how they deposed him by force while they are in tunisia. libya killed his murderous into power in egypt but they did the same with mubarak all these leaders. of the united states . has never even been there. that's why he's been able to resist their attempts at overthrowing him for sixteen months. in a hundred nations war against syria. at the moment in syria is standing its ground against them only if you can trees stood behind syria russia and other brics states
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. have told the west that they are with syria and they forced the west to reconsider their claims against their country they've told the west that only the syrian people have the right to place their leaders change may not be imposed from abroad one should open. says ahmad but then he didn't know how and grand mufti of syria spotlight will be back shortly and will continue this interview in less than a minute and. download the official publication. language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. t.v. is not required to watch on t.v.
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all you need is your mobile device to watch on t.v. any time. welcome back to spotlight and often just a reminder that my guest today on the show is ahmad by the. he's the grand mufti of syria. we understand that the. most pronounced word today in syria is enemy everybody knows every
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kid with a gun knows who who is his enemy but what about friends do people in syria consider having any friends i mean within the country outside the country all their friends people need friends they can't live without support. assure. all arab people support us if you go to tunisia there are many parties in the ruling coalition support syria many parties in egypt support syria the same thing is true done kuwait and many other countries in these let me quilt supporters in india malaysia indonesia and many other countries all of them believe that they change should come from within syria not from the outside. the actual problem is mass media so it was controlled by governments not by the people before he came
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here to moscow i was in damascus and we could go into state controlled broadcasters like al-jazeera. c.n.n. in france would have reported that assad's air forces were bombing damascus. i looked around for these jets nothing at all said the same about aleppo so i picked up my phone called my family and also nothing at all when i was in the keep repeating the news over and over and then they bring some food a pictures from afghanistan or iraq and them to look like syrian news. people no longer believe these reports for this reason what we have many people with us and it's quite enough for us to have good with us because we are true and we are right in the news about aleppo. is a completely destroyed city with tens of thousands killed. more than five million live in the city. i assure you that since the beginning of the battle of aleppo one
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or two thousand have been killed. including the opposition security in civilians. one district witnessed fighting which is now. destroyed city. that's why i repeat once again the media is exaggerating but in trying to present a distorted image of syria for this reason from this t.v. show i would like to ask the opposition supporters to protect their country and their people and come to dialogue. sit around the table and end your differences because the world is watching and the enemies are laughing friends feeling the pain the russian friends that are here from all political levels you sincerely hope that things would end up soon in favor of the syrian people by reconciliation. greetings from here to president putin and to minister lavrov old friends who are
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not deceived by the think resented by means western media and mass media in reality friends have told me things about syria that i was unaware of myself. into the situation very closely and they know what is going on and what will happen there. this is why i am confident that we still have many friends to be here that if. you are a religious leader but when you are abroad when you are in russia you hear as a politician of course not. as a religious leader i would like to ask you how do you consider share what russia place in the syrian chart of friends i mean friends. because russia moscow doesn't offer you unconditional support does it. firstly russia in its current position is not supporting the syrian government
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rather it is supporting syria as a state and the syrian people. support in fact means that russia is supporting itself let me because syria is the last gate which extremism would move on john. and other countries. let's remember the attempted assassination of the toilet or move three months ago if western backed extremists in syria they would move on to the independent states russia for this reason russian it only stands by syria it also stands for itself is in fact defending itself against extremism. in this present position russia is defending islam in christianity like russia is standing by justice against a monster america who wants to divorce the whole world. and wants to conquer the military and make it
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a private lake. demanded us not to allow russian vessels. we have strongly rejected their demands we told them that we don't accept conditions from abroad we are free choice therefore russia is not only showing itself as a friend to syria into the syrian people but it shows itself as a leader in the area of justice for a leader in the united nations security council and a supporter of. states where this is evident in russia's stance on iran peaceful nuclear program the west has been opposing this program seeking to prevent it russia insists well that people have the right to own their peaceful nuclear programs. i want to quote you once again you say syria is the only kind. surely that has not kneel down at the feet of the
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united states of america well but what about iran and the middle east i mean there's a lot of countries not only around the world but in the middle east who are fully independent and they are independent from the united states what makes you say cell that you are the only one. and. i believe that syria and iran are not the only nations that have not yielded to me or can pressure be sure there are other countries such as north korea cuba and many other nations where every fused to the net it states for us when we say. to the american people that we are against the american policy. to control the whole world likewise we have no problem with jews as such except for those. territories problems therefore with american policy. every problem with america when it goes to afghanistan and bombs it. goes to iraq and does the same providing
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israel with one hundred aircraft once every three years then they deny russia their right to provide us with for instance why do they have the rights to these things that have been others from. the largest manufacturer and exporter. can object to that last year. thirty five billion dollars worth of weapons to israel who has objected. listen to them when they officially declare russia has violated the international law by selling two helicopters to syria. syria. through their will and russia would not stand still and iran will continue to develop its technology. impose economic sanctions against us will still have the support of our friends for this reason the russian foreign minister has stated that
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economic sanctions against syria would not. only make us stronger. the united states is so deeply involved these days both politically and militarily in the conflicts in your region that many people say that the military intervention . in syria is only a matter of time that it will happen sooner or later so do you think that an intervention is really possible and if it is possible do you think syria may avoid the libyan scenario. first syria is not libya because we don't have the petrol to pay off the west. and they have controlled the oil fields in iraq in libya twenty five years now.
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syria has managed to stand against their aggression for over seventeen months but it will continue to do so until we succeed in securing ever to future for our people. the opposition in syria. and they are not serving the interests of syria and the syrian people instead they're working for the west that's why we're calling upon them to come to dialogue in trying to solve our problems. i don't believe that a military intervention against syria is all but impossible but i'm sure that with the first missile impacting in syria the whole arab world. countries feel rice and ask the west why they doing this to syria. you've done this in libya. and in tunisia you pretended for democracy while bringing extremists to power i know the bitterness of their deeds and egypt is true although we don't oppose the will
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of the egyptian people the people of tunisia for what we stand strongly against the parties rule in the name of religion with this. it's very dangerous if you want to start with the one i don't support the democratic party and you are being i suppose . in the name of religion. i'm calling upon these parties that are now in power in the arab world see. themselves into secular political parties religion separated from politics and c.f.c.'s then. what to. much about my how about it thank you very much just a reminder that my guest today was odd but it seemed to me that i lifted off syria and that's it for now throw if you want to have your sales like you can always drop me like the spotlight will be back with more of a comment i want to add russia and tell them to stay on our t.v.
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and take it. well into the future. it's technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered.
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